Landscape Regeneration Center

Regeneration Hub

Reusing an old coal washery in Villablino, León, Spain.

The project involves the complete refurbishment of a vast area. The Landscape Regeneration Center uses an old coal washery and tries to change the view of the Laciana Valley, famous for its mining past.

The brief was to create a site colonization strategy through horizontal platforms that change according to the altitude and where crops are located. The Regeneration Center is surrounded by mountains, water and natural elements. The program consist of 30.000 m2 outdoor crops and 5.000 indoor cultivation. In addition, the equipment development includes research laboratories, workshops, classrooms, offices and even apartments for the researchers.

P8_Exterior view


The final design opted for an irregular pentagonal module that allows an enclosure based on three different widths and its rotation which appears random, when it is not.

The umbrellas spread through the territory taking over the land and conquering the pre-existing buildings. When they approach one of them, the umbrellas begin to disintegrate. The overlapping is essential to create an interior environment with light and shadow and evoke the idea of immersing yourself in a forest. They also collect rainfall to use for irrigation of indoor crops.



The program is grouped under the umbrellas according to the privacy of the uses, thus creating four differentiated program zones. There are three environments under the umbrellas: covered but outdoors, covered and closed on the perimeter of the area, and a third even more intimate environment, the box inside the box.

P8_Interior view

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