Matisse Museum

Museum for Henri Matisse in Tangier

A large exhibition space for the work of Henri Matisse

On the wall of Tangier’s Kashbah a Museum is created to exhibit the work of the painter Henri Matisse. The museum is placed on the outside of the city on an old rubble slope and looking toward the Strait of Gibraltar. 

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This place, especially revealing of the geographical, cultural and circumstantial values of the history of Tangier, concentrates the traffic of a double glance: on the one hand the memory of an interior sequence, whose horizon does not exist, under the verticality of a dazzling sky and infinite, and on the other, the look deep into a horizon that is lost progressively in the background, which is lost in a sequence of silhouettes of the southern Spanish coast.

Very close there, behind him and a little further down, inland,  Matisse painted “Porte de la Casbah de Tangier” in 1912. It is there, in this place, where we propose to build “The Henri Matisse Museum”.

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