La Gitanilla

Cervantes' La Gitanilla

Flamenco dance show enacting the novel of the renowned Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. 

The Compañía de Danza Carmen Cortés presented La Gitanilla of the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes in the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro which premiered on the 3rd July 2015.

La gitanilla (The Little Gypsy Girl) is the first novella contained in Miguel de Cervantes’ collection of short stories, Novelas Ejemplares (The Exemplary Novels).

La gitanilla is the story of a 15 year old gypsy girl named Preciosa, who is said to be talented, extremely beautiful, and wise beyond her years. Accompanied by her adoptive grandmother and other members of her gypsy family group, Preciosa travels to Madrid, where she meets a charming nobleman, named Juan de Cárcamo. Juan proposes to Preciosa, only to be challenged to spend two years as a member of Preciosa’s gypsy family group, under the alias of Andrés Caballero. During these adventurous two years, much is learned both by the main characters and about them, resulting in an unexpected happy ending. The main themes of the story include the making and breaking of stereotypes, female power and freedom, the importance of word, and the so-called truth behind the mystery of gypsy life. Read more.

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Creative Team:

  • Carmen Cortés Choreography & Artistic direction
  • José Maya / Carmen Cortés Scenic direction
  • Gerardo Núñez Music
  • Juan Gómez Cornejo Lighting design
  • Isabel Núñez Costume & Stage design
  • Emilio Costura / Taller Curso Flamenco Costume realization
  • José Luis Álvarez Sound design 
  • Lola Cortés Technical Production & Distribution
  • Curso Flamenco SL Production & Office
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