Migration to the Countryside

Re-Inhabit A Town In Ruins​

Modular Housing for a Craftsman Community

The project consists of 20 homes in Bujalcayado, Guadalajara, a town currently in ruins. For this project, the fields around Bujalcayado will be dedicated to forestry: they will be large plantations of noble wood, which in the long term will bring great wealth to the area as it is a rising market. Consequently, the new inhabitants of Bujalcayado will be a carpenters’ guild, which will inhabit the town as a whole. Carpenters can work the wood in their homes and expose their work to the public.

Model 2

The town turns to the visitor, and becomes a showcase town. The public space is prioritized over the private, so the intervention reverses the preexisting spaces of housing (private) and street (public), this way giving the visitor more space, leaving the trail of ruin as open staggered courtyards paved with the own stone of ruin and inhabiting the narrower streets.

The houses, coupled between the large courtyards, create massive boundaries at the edges, evoking in the yards the idea of a courtyard inside a castle, where great activity occurs, as in the project.

The idea of a fort or a castle is also evoked as the intervention is an integral set instead of loose houses, and with the courtyards connecting with each other through passageways.

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