Observation Tower

Observation Platform in Altheim

Promoting tourism and cultural development in Altheim, Germany.

Observation Tower Render

The region and municipality of Altheim (Germany) have a common goal: to promote the tourism and cultural development in Altheim. This led to the idea to build an observation tower at a future important cultural, leisure and tourist crossroads. The tower should characterize the area and become a touristic destination.

The lookout tower is designed to bring people closer to nature and the altitude experience. The 360º panorama and the experience of your own effort to climb it should be noticeable. Altogether one climbs 47  meters over a 670 meter long ramp. This idea was crucial throughout the design phase.

The tower stands on three symmetrically arranged columns. These main columns are in turn divided into three smaller columns. In the space between these columns the middle landings and the ramp can be set with a 6% gradient. The steel cables are an additional stiffening element, which span the tower like a net.

In the upper part of the tower are three levels: the bad-weather platform, the seminar platform and the panorama platform, which can be accessed by a staircase and a lift. The use of the staircases in the upper area allows an undisturbed use of the seminar room without spoiling the view through the large windows by tower visitors.

Under the tower is an supporting building for extra uses, restaurant and beer garden. Here, the complex is completely separated from the tower and can be managed independently.

Overall, the design captivates with its clarity of structure and simple design language. Nevertheless, the curved columns, which are apparently held together by the ramps, make it a landmark. The filigree and optimal dimensioning of the components and the inclusion of the ramp in the static system make the tower transparent allowing light to shine through.

This group project was done for the Technical University of Munich. The following images are the final project model, built on a 1:50 scale. 

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